Mind 102 – Mastering Your Mind/Ego – Intermediate

You will gain:

  • Knowledge about the ego defense mechanisms (denial, projection, reaction formation, sublimation, etc.)
  • More strategies for monitoring ego tricks
  • More strategies for focusing the mind
  • More strategies for calming the mind
  • Fundamentals of open-mindedness (cultivating the ability to stay open to all experiences)
  • Fundamentals of self-awareness (cultivating the ability to know thyself)

Time: Each webinar lasts for 2.5 hours and includes:

  • One-hour Power Point presentations (divided into two parts)
  • One 30-minute group guided imagery exercise/a soul journey
  • Two 10-minute self-exploration exercises
  • 30 minutes of A&Q,
  • One 10-minute break

Fees: $199.00 for each 2.5-hour webinar (including the Power Point handout materials, which will be e-mailed to participants prior to each webinar).


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