The mystery we call “the heart”

In my previous post, I stated that although I have been fascinated with the human mind as long as I remember myself, my greatest professional and personal discovery was not about the mind. It was about the heart.

What is this mystery we call “the heart”? Is this just a physical organ that pumps blood in the body? Or the dwelling of joys and pains? Or the ability to love and hate?

To answer these questions, let’s recall the situations when we, without thinking or hesitating for a moment, put our own needs and desires aside to attend to the needs of others. Or when we felt the pain of another as our own. Or – lost ourselves in a creative endeavor. Or – overcame unthinkable pains and losses. Or – were able to forgive. Or – had an insight so profound that it changed the course of our entire life.

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What is the source of all such experiences? Where do we get the power and ability to sacrifice, console, heal, enjoy, and create?

Some would argue that all these things are possible due to the faculty we call “will” or “will power.” If we agreed with this argument, we would need to remember that the strongest expression of will is the will to live and the will to live comfortably. If this is so, why do we sacrifice our comfort, health, and, at times, even life for others? Why do firefighters, soldiers, and policemen sacrifice their lives to save others? Why do doctors and nurses, teachers and scientists, mothers and fathers, caretakers or all kinds sacrifice their comfort to attend to the needs and pains of others? Why do artists sacrifice their financial stability to pursue their creative endeavors? Are all these people insane?

My answer to these questions is this: we do all these “insane” things because of the Power that is stronger than our will to survive. It is stronger than our rational mind. In fact, this Power is the very source of the rest of our faculties. This Power has been called many names, among which the most common are: “Spirit,” “Love,” “Truth,” “Grace,” “God,” or “Heart.”

This Power allows us to be the best we can be, to do the best of which we are presently capable. This power lets us tame our mind. This power allows us to strengthen our will and put it in alignment with the Absolute Will – The Absolute Possible Best for All That Is.

Although we all have the right to use this power, our access to it is limited by the level of our individual as well as collective consciousness. The higher the level of our individual conscious – the more capable we are of caring for ourselves and others, healing ourselves and others, consoling ourselves and others, and loving ourselves and others. The higher the level of our individual conscious – the better we feel around people – whoever they may be – and the better people feel around us. The higher the level of our individual consciousness – the more diverse our experiences are and the fuller lives we live. The higher the level of our individual conscious – the more profoundly we affect our collective consciousness.

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