Inspirational Psychic Readings

I call my psychic readings inspirational, because when working with clients, I focus on the things and activities that inspire them, often without their awareness. I also try to uncover the plan that their souls have for this lifetime. Knowing our soul plan and purpose as well as the things that uplift and inspire us may eliminate many frustrations, pains, and disappointments and propel us more quickly toward the life we deserve.

When doing a psychic reading, I work with my own as well as my clients’ guides. During a reading, I become a channel of the Universal Energy and have neither personal attachment nor influence on the information I receive.

Although my work is not centered on prediction, it may, at times, be a part of the process. Generally, this process creates an opportunity for clients to ask for clarity and guidance in a variety of personal, relational, and professional issues.

The readings can be done face to face at my office,  by phone, or via Skype. I do not audio record my readings but allow my clients to do so themselves if they choose.