Philosophy of Healing

I see people as naturally intuitive and resourceful. Each person already has all the answers he or she needs. Therefore, I view my mission as creating a safe and nurturing space within which my clients can explore their own subjectivity and discover their inner wisdom.

I view psychological health as:

  1. a continuous expansion of one's consciousness and awareness;
  2. an appreciation of all life, including one's own;
  3. one's genuineness, honesty and responsibility;
  4. a continuous zest for self-exploration, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-nurturing;
  5. an ability to live an inspired life free of fear, attachments, aversions, resentments, and resistances;
  6. an ability to live in the moment, accept what is, forgive, let go of the past, and be open to the uncertainty of the future.

In my clinical work, I integrate a wide array of theoretical approaches and therapeutic interventions, including but not limited to: existential-humanistic, developmental, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems. Yet, no matter what approach I use, I value identifying, attending to, and utilizing my clients' strengths and inner resources throughout the therapeutic process.

I treasure authenticity in therapeutic relationships. I strongly believe that a trusting, genuine relationship heals, and I develop my therapeutic work with clients based on this belief.