Individual Psychotherapy


Individual Psychotherapy

The way individual psychotherapy is conducted depends on the uniqueness of each psychotherapist-client pair. Nevertheless, psychotherapy is a very specific process. Despite the existence of numerous systems of psychotherapy, the process of psychotherapy has several distinct characteristics.

•  It is a systematic treatment

•  It is aimed at change and growth in a client or elimination of a client’s suffering

•  It involves a professional relationship

An authentic, open, and trusting relationship between a client and a therapist is crucial for psychotherapy to be successful. While often the process of psychotherapy involves a conversation between a client and a therapist, it is fundamentally different from a conversation between two friends. The main differences are as follows:

•  Individual psychotherapy is NOT a mutual support, typical for friends, but a professional relationship, aimed at the change in a client’s life and elimination of client’s suffering

•  Individual psychotherapy provides a client with a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential atmosphere for exploring truths of his or her life

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