indHolistic Psychotherapy

Similarly to any type of psychotherapy, holistic psychotherapy is:

  • a systematic and very specific process;
  • a process that is aimed at change in a client and/or elimination of a client’s suffering;
  • a process that involves a professional relationship.

In contrast with many other types of psychotherapy, holistic psychotherapy focuses not only on mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns, but also on the totality of a client’s being. In the process of exploring with my clients these patterns as well as relationships with other people and spiritual/religious beliefs, I help clients discover wells of power within themselves.

Among the tools that I use are: traditional talk therapy, guided imagery, hypnotic induction, and numerous relaxation and meditation techniques.

Psycho-education is a vital part of holistic psychotherapy. Being an expert in the field of psycho-education and a long time believer in peoples’ infinite inner resourcefulness, I teach my clients to listen to their intuition and help them develop self-knowing and self-healing skills.