Four Paths to Raising Consciousness

In the previous post, I talked about various ways of assessing the level of our individual consciousness. Today, I will start a discussion on various paths to raising consciousness. These paths – in one manner or another – have been pinpointed in almost all sacred texts of all religions. However, in the most clear and expansive way – at least from my point of view – they were described in the two ancient Hindu scriptures:

  • Bhagavad Gita – a part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata and
  • Yoga Sutras – a sacred text ascribed to the hand of Patanjali – a master and mystic of ancient India.

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Distilled from these two sacred writings are the four paths to raising consciousness or the four paths to experiencing the Presence of God. They include:

  1. The path of loving devotion to God (bhakti yoga)
  2. The path of God-dedicated action (karma yoga)
  3. The path of intellectual discrimination (jnana yoga)
  4. The path of taming the mind through concentration and meditation (raja yoga)

In the four subsequent posts, I will describe each of these paths. I will also pinpoint the pitfalls that are likely to await us there.

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