Family Psychotherapy

Family Psychotherapy

The family is crucial in shaping human behavior. Our perceptions, styles of communications, and patterns of interaction are all shaped within our own family. And these perceptions, styles, and patterns tend to transfer from one generation to the next. Often, families nurture harmful models of interaction and continue ineffective or damaging patterns of behavior learned from their parents without even being aware of it.


Additionally, in today’s rapidly changing, information-driven, and technology-overloaded society, it is often hard for older generations to comprehend the challenges that younger generations are facing. Often role-reversal occurs in the families, which means that children become more competent in certain areas than their parents. Consequently, parents may face additional difficulties in rearing their children, particularly in the realm of discipline and the establishment of healthy boundaries.

If you experience emotional, relational, or behavioral problems in your family, I have good news for you. Change can occur in any family, regardless of how deep or long-standing family members’ struggles have been. In family therapy, I can assist you in:

  • Becoming aware of your family models of interactions
  • Replacing old behavior patterns with new, more harmonious patterns within your family dynamic
  • Learn concrete communication skills

If family therapy is successful, your family as a unit will function more effectively and, as a result, every member of the family will feel better.

Family therapy may be provided for as few as two people (for example, a single parent with one child) and as many as eight (or more) people (if there are many children in the family or if there are several generations living together). What is important is that all the members of a cohabitating family participate in therapy.

If you would like more information about how family therapy could be helpful in your particular situation or would like to schedule a family session with me, please click here.