Couples Psychotherapy


Couples Psychotherapy

A committed relationship between two adults is but one of the relationships in the emotional field of any person. Whether partners are satisfied with their committed relationship or enriched by it is determined mainly by the following factors:

•  Who each person is

•  What each person wants

•  What the patterns of the relationship between two people are

•  What the feelings in which the relationship is embedded are

All the above factors could be explored in couple therapy. If couple therapy is successful, both partners will know it, because both will feel better. In particular, they will:

•  Perceive their committed relationship as an entity;

•  Experience each other in a different way

•  Learn emotional acceptance

•  Be aware of various patterns of their relationship

•  Learn communication skills

In couple therapy, the client is a couple. Therefore, my fidelity is to a couple and not to a particular person. If there is an indication of a need for individual therapy for either one or both partners, I will refer him or her to a colleague for individual counseling.