Confidentiality of Services

Confidentiality of Services

The information provided by you during therapy is legally confidential except where disclosure by me is required by law. These exceptions to confidentiality are identified below. You will be informed should I ever need to break confidentiality.


  • Threat of serious harm to self or others
  • In the case of child abuse or child neglect
  • In the case of grave disability
  • In the case of court order

Additionally, often, medical insurance companies require psychotherapists to submit information about their clients, particularly in the cases of “in-the-network” reimbursements. I cannot insure that your confidential information will be kept as private after it is transmitted to an insurance company.

Therefore, in order to protect your confidentiality, I ask you to pay for your psychotherapy out-of-pocket. I will provide you with an invoice for each psychotherapy session, which you may submit for insurance reimbursement and/or tax return.