A webinar is a convenient modern way of learning. It allows participants to gain knowledge from experienced instructors from the comfort of their own homes.

My webinars are known for:

  • richness of content
  • clarity of instructions
  • a wide array of exercises and practices
  • right to the point answers to participants’ questions

Following is the list of webinars that I am currently teaching:

  • Mastering your mind/ego
    • Mind/ego 101
    • Mind/ego 102
    • Mind/ego 103
  • Following your heart/intuition
    • Heart/intuition 101
    • Heart/intuition 102
    • Heart/intuition 103
  • Mastering your energy/power/vigor
    • Energy/power 101
    • Energy/power 102
    • Energy/power 103

Time: Each webinar lasts for 2.5 hours and includes:

  • One-hour Power Point presentations (divided into two parts)
  • One 30-minute group guided imagery exercise/a soul journey
  • Two 10-minute self-exploration exercises
  • 30 minutes of A&Q,
  • One 10-minute break

Fees: $199.00 per each 2.5-hour webinar


Buy two webinars –                  save 20%

Buy three webinars –              save 30%

Buy four webinars –                save 40%

Buy five or more webinars –  save 50%  

Register with a friend –     save 10% (in addition to other savings)

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