Mastering your Energy / Power


Mastering your Energy / Power

Gyan Mudra - Indian Hand Position

You will gain:

  • An understanding of the concepts of energy, power, and vigor
  • An understanding of your energy fluctuations and the factors that affect them
  • Strategies for monitoring your energy fluctuations
  • Strategies for boosting your energy
  • Strategies for protecting yourself from other people’s energy
  • Strategies for neutralizing other people’s energy
  • The ability to tune into the energy of others for the purpose of a deeper connection
  • Access to the Five Sacred Secrets of balanced energy

This is a one-day workshop (from 9:00AM till 4:30PM, with a lunch break form 12:00PM till 1:30PM).

It includes:

  • Direct instructions (full of rich content, wit and humor)
  • Two soul journeys (using a group hypnotic induction)
  • Several self-exploration exercises
  • Several interactive group exercises
  • Q&A

Fee: $299.00 (Lunch is not included).


Two people registering together –                          each saves 20%

Three people registering together –                       each saves 30%

Four people registering together –                         each saves 40%

Five people registering together –                          each saves 50%

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